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5 Noninvasive Treatments for Osteoarthritis

5 Noninvasive Treatments for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative condition that can cause joint pain and dysfunction in areas of your body like your knees. If you’re living with OA, you need to know about your options for symptom relief.

At The Spine Group, Dr. Eric Miller and his team of interventional pain management physicians treat new and existing patients with OA. We have locations throughout Texas, including in Kyle and Floresville.

Our providers focus on noninvasive, conservative treatments first when it comes to OA. Surgical treatment may also be needed in severe cases. However, we explore all of your options before looking at surgery.

Here are just some of the noninvasive techniques for OA management that may be able to help you!

1. Weight loss

Every pound of unhealthy weight you can lose takes significant amounts of pressure off of your joints, especially joints lower in your body, like your knees. If your joints are already struggling with the degenerative impacts of OA, healthy weight loss may be one of the best ways for you to reduce joint pain.

That said, chronic joint pain in areas of your body like your knees can make weight loss difficult due to lessened mobility. While even small to moderate weight loss can improve your condition, you may need to add other management strategies to your anti-OA toolkit!

2. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Over-the-counter pain medication with NSAIDS can be used continuously for OA-related pain relief. You may benefit most from using NSAIDS for pain relief in combination with other treatments and therapies for OA management.

3. Bracing

You may be able to support a joint, like a knee, that has sustained damage due to OA with a brace or splint. At The Spine Group, we can help you work out the best physical supports and assistive devices to increase your mobility and protect your joints.

Because bracing is a totally noninvasive, non-drug-based treatment approach, it’s a great first step, and combines well with other treatment modalities. A knee brace could be what you need to reclaim your mobility and quality of life.

4. Physical therapy

Physical therapy exercises and stretches can relieve pain symptoms and build up muscle strength around joints affected by OA. Physical therapy is one of the most effective ways to increase joint function, especially if you stick with your program over time.

Exercising with OA can pose a challenge, but with the support of the team at The Spine Group, you can find a gentle, low-impact routine that works for you. Types of physical activity that often work well for OA patients include walking, biking, swimming, and other water activities.

5. Injection therapy

Intra-articular injections targeted at painful joints have short-term benefits for both pain and inflammation control. However, studies show that this might not be your best long-term pain management strategy. We’ll discuss your unique needs and customize a treatment that works best for you.

At The Spine Group, we use all treatments and therapies relevant to improving your condition, both in terms of allowing activity and joint function, and in terms of managing OA-related pain.

To learn more about all of your treatment options for OA through The Spine Group, contact our Texas offices today. You can schedule your initial consultation appointment online or over the phone now.

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