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5 Ways Chronic Pain Treatment Can Improve Your Life

5 Ways Chronic Pain Treatment Can Improve Your Life

Chronic pain conditions affect every aspect of your life. Chronic pain makes situations that should be fun and easy challenging, and increases the difficulty of coping with the twists and turns of your life, as well. If you think about it, you might be surprised just how many parts of your life your chronic pain condition touches.

How much have you lost to chronic pain? With expert interventional pain management treatment and support, you can start to gain that ground back. Consult with Dr. Eric Miller and the team at The Spine Group about your chronic pain treatment plan. 

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1. Relieve your pain symptoms

It sounds silly, in a way, to note that pain management treatment is about reducing your pain levels. But, at The Spine Group, we take your chronic pain symptoms seriously. Pain damages your quality of life, as well as your overall health and wellness, and can even take time off your lifespan. That makes your pain relief our priority.

Depending on your treatment needs, Dr. Miller may encourage you to explore pain management options like joint injections, or long-term management strategies like spinal cord stimulation, directly blocking pain receptors from registering in your brain. We keep working on your pain management plan until your symptoms are sufficiently reduced or even eliminated altogether.

2. Reduce your stress levels

When you’re not in pain, or worrying about when your pain could start up again, you could be amazed at how much less stressed out you feel by daily life events. 

Everyone has to handle stressful situations from time to time. But, when you’re not dealing with an underlying level of constant or intermittent pain, it’s a lot easier to take a deep breath, find your inner quiet place, and carry on.

3. Improve your sleep quality

There’s a close relationship between pain and sleep quality. Chronic pain interrupts your sleep, and lost sleep contributes to chronic pain problems. Once you find the right treatments and therapies to address your pain, you can get to sleep at night, and stay asleep without waking due to aches or throbs.

Talk to Dr. Miller about your sleep disruptions or insomnia related to chronic pain. Improving your sleep quality benefits your overall health and wellness in many ways. When you’re well rested, you’re more alert, better able to react to new situations, and more optimistic in your outlook.

4. Rebalance your mood

Do you notice that, when you’re dealing with a chronic pain flare-up, you’re also more prone to moodiness, depression, anger, or other mental health swings? Pain has a significant effect on your underlying mental health and state of mind. If you can resolve your chronic pain symptoms with regenerative medicine, that can go a long way toward improving your mental health.

Dr. Miller and the team at The Spine Group take an interdisciplinary approach to chronic pain treatment. If we think you could benefit from working with other providers, Dr. Miller talks to you about all of your options for the best possible treatment.

5. Reclaim your life

With the care of Dr. Miller and The Spine Group, you can reclaim your quality of life from chronic pain. It’s time to stop waiting for your pain to recede and your life to start back up again. 

Let’s review your symptoms and medical history, and discuss interventional pain management and regenerative medicine treatments like stem cell therapy that could set you free from the stress and negative impacts of chronic pain.

Schedule your consultation appointment with Dr. Miller online or over the phone today.

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