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What to Expect from Your Stem Cell Therapy

What to Expect from Your Stem Cell Therapy

Age, wear-and-tear, and injury can all contribute to degeneration in your body’s cells and tissues. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or living with a degenerative condition like arthritis, regenerative medicine seeks to accelerate your body’s natural processes of healing and repair.

At The Spine Group, our team of interventional pain management specialists, led by Dr. Eric Miller, use a full range of techniques to support your health and wellness. We offer stem cell therapy and other regenerative medical procedures. Could you benefit from stem cell therapy at one of our locations throughout Texas?

If you’re interested in stem cell therapy, but aren’t sure what to expect from this procedure, keep reading for the information you need!

Getting started with stem cell therapy

Your body naturally produces stem cells. This type of cell can actually become any type of specialized cell. Blank stem cells can become blood cells, skin cells, and bone cells. With stem cell therapy, we boost your supply of these blank cells where you most need healing, regeneration, and regrowth.

At The Spine Group, we offer stem cell injections that accelerate healing and regeneration. We target your injection to the area where you have tissue damage, so that the new stem cells can effectively become what your body needs.

We start your treatment with a comprehensive evaluation, reviewing your symptoms and medical history. And, your provider makes sure you understand the details of your stem cell therapy treatment plan, including what to expect during treatment, and as well as what you can expect after undergoing stem cell therapy.

Stem cell injection therapy

Your stem cell injections at The Spine Group are guided by X-ray imaging, so that placement can be as accurate and controlled as possible. You rest on the X-ray table while you receive your injection. After inserting a needle into the treatment area, we administer a contrast dye, another tool to keep placement accurate. Then, we inject your dose of stem cells.

We use a local anesthetic to ensure that you don’t feel pain during your injection treatment. Most patients bear stem cell injection therapy well, and don’t need extensive recovery time after treatment. You can walk under your own power right away after treatment. Depending on the details of your treatment and condition, though, we might suggest you arrange for a ride home after your appointment.

Your results with stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy offers you a minimally invasive approach to pain management and accelerated healing. You may need multiple treatment sessions, spaced apart, for best results with stem cell therapy. Your provider at The Spine Group can adjust your treatment, depending on your unique goals and needs.

To learn more about stem cell therapy, and find out if you could be a candidate, contact Dr. Miller and the team at The Spine Group online or over the phone today and schedule your initial consultation appointment.

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