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When to Consider Injections for Your Lower Back Pain

When to Consider Injections for Your Lower Back Pain

Your spine and back carry the weight of your body, and have to be able to bend in many ways to give you full flexibility. There are a lot of ways that something can go wrong in your spine, leaving you suffering from either acute or chronic pain. Spinal issues can result in pain in your neck, mid back, low back, and even in your arms and legs.

If your low back pain is significantly disrupting your quality of life, talk to the team of interventional pain management specialists at The Spine Group, with locations throughout Texas. Fellowship-trained physician Dr. Eric Miller may suggest injection treatments or other interventions to support your spine and relieve your back pain symptoms.

Are you a good candidate for spinal injection treatments? Is it time for you to consider this minimally invasive treatment method? Here’s what Dr. Miller wants his new and existing patients to know about injection therapy for back pain.

How spinal injections can help you

Spinal injections can treat many back pain conditions. Dr. Miller may also use a spinal injection to diagnose your condition before recommending additional pain management treatments. 

Many of Dr. Miller’s patients find immediate pain relief through spinal injections. In some cases, breaking the negative cycle of chronic low back pain leads to lasting improvement.

If your low back pain hasn’t responded to more conservative treatment options like heat or icing therapy, posture adjustment, or physical therapy exercises and stretches, spinal injections could be the next step in your interventional pain management treatment plan.

Spinal injections are outpatient procedures, provided on-site by The Spine Group. While you should plan on getting a ride home after your injection, and taking the rest of the day off, you won’t need any more substantial recovery time after this minimally invasive pain management option.

Your injection therapy treatment options

Do you know what happens during spinal injection treatment? When you have the facts, it’s easier to make the right decisions for your back pain care.

When you come in for an injection treatment at The Spine Group, you recline in comfort on an X-ray table during the procedure. Our team uses X-ray guidance to precisely target your spinal injection, making sure that the injected medication makes it exactly where it needs to go. A local anesthetic keeps you comfortable during treatment.

Spinal injections come in several different varieties. Depending on your condition and symptoms, you might benefit most from one of these injection treatments:

Consult with Dr. Miller and find out more about the right type of spinal injection to start addressing your low back pain symptoms. At The Spine Group, we tailor your treatment plan to your unique needs.

For spinal injections that can effectively treat lower back pain, contact one of The Spine Group’s locations in Kyle, Floresville, San Antonio, La Vernia, or Gonzales, Texas today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment online or over the phone today.

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