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Spinal Cord Stimulation Specialist

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If traditional pain treatments fail to provide significant relief from your chronic pain condition, you may want to consider spinal cord stimulation. This device blocks pain signals to reduce chronic discomfort and your reliance on pain medication. At The Spine Group throughout Texas, fellowship-trained interventional pain management physician Eric Miller,  MD, and his team offer spinal cord stimulation to control chronic pain. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Spinal Cord Stimulation Q & A

What is spinal cord stimulation?

Spinal cord stimulation masks the pain by blocking the transmission of pain signals from your spinal cord to your brain. It may help those suffering from chronic pain conditions to gain control over their pain and decrease the amount of pain medication they take. 

The Spine Group is an interventional pain management practice that offers many innovative treatments to help those suffering from chronic pain. If you’re looking for pain treatment options to help you get relief without having to take more pain medication, schedule a consultation at The Spine Group.

How does spinal cord stimulation work?

Spinal cord stimulation works by using electrical impulses to stop the transmission of pain signals. The device consists of a generator and electrodes. 


The generator is a small device about the size of a pacemaker. Surgeons place the device under your skin in your abdominal area or buttocks.


Electrodes are wires that travel from the generator to specific nerve fibers on your spinal cord. 

The generator sends mild electrical impulses through the electrodes to your spinal cord. The electrical impulses interrupt the pain signals to your brain to reduce your discomfort. 

You may be able to control the electrical impulses for your spinal cord stimulation with a handheld remote. 

Am I a candidate for spinal cord stimulation?

Schedule a consultation with the pain physicians at The Spine Group to see if you’re a candidate for spinal cord stimulation. The pain experts conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation to fully understand your pain condition. 

You may be a candidate for spinal cord stimulation if you have a chronic pain condition, conservative treatments fail to provide significant relief, and you’re not a candidate for surgery. 

Common pain conditions that benefit from spinal cord stimulation include:

  • Chronic leg pain from sciatica
  • Chronic arm pain
  • Failed back surgery syndrome
  • Neuropathy
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
  • Arachnoiditis — inflammation of the spinal nerve lining

In addition to your medical exam, The Spine Group may also refer you to a psychologist to screen for untreated mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. These mental health conditions may contribute to your pain sensations, exacerbating your discomfort. 

Before placement of your device, you go through a spinal cord stimulation trial. During the trial, the leads are attached to the spinal cord and you wear the generator around your waist. If you experience significant pain relief during the trial, then you can move forward with placement of the device.

Find out if spinal cord stimulation can help you manage your pain by calling The Spine Group or booking an appointment online today.